Case Study

Earbits Radio

Earbits is an internet radio site devoted to helping musicians find and engage with fans. Over the past two years, they have experimented with a myriad of ways to directly connect musicians and listeners. Direct listening, track queues, custom channels and social networking alongside a smooth radio experience make up a dynamic and complex platform.

My Role

As the sole designer and lead front-end developer, it has been my job to create the most functional, friendly and engaging experience for artists and listeners alike. I am responsible for the entire look and feel of the site, come up with new features and how to implement them, and write a large portion of the HTML and CSS.

Designed to Engage

Building a Successful Listening Experience

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to online music. Finding a way to give fans and musicians what they actually want has been the focus of Earbits.

It has been an interesting decade for music. An endless stream of new companies have cropped up, and often faded away, looking to give music lovers the freedom to listen to what they want, when they want it. Spotify let's you search through a vast library and stream wherever you go, so long as you pay. Pandora connects you to new music from artists you may have never heard of, in between commercials. For every plus, there is a minus.

Within this evolving landscape, Earbits aim has always been to ensure that the artists behind the music are getting a fair shake. Earbits has experimented plenty with how best to accomplish this, from in-site chatrooms with featured bands to Groovies, a form of social currency. All while remaining entirely free for the listeners. The site's inquisitive nature has allowed me to get creative with concepts, designs and implementations throughout my time as lead designer.

Be Creative

When the competition is intense, invent

If you want to make your app, site, service, or brand stand out and stay ahead, innovate! By continually experimenting, Earbits has been able to create unique experiences within the established realm of internet radio. From the business model to amyriad of features, they are able to stay fresh by constantly thinking ahead.